Hello, I am Cecelia.

I have been practicing photography for about 6 years now and my love for it grows with every session!

I got started with photography shortly after our had our first son, Enoch,. During the eighteenth week of my pregnancy we were told that there was little to no amniotic fluid. We went in for another ultrasound hoping for good news. Unfortunately, they found that baby had not developed any kidneys. Because of this diagnosis we were told it would be likely that baby would survive a few moments after birth at the most. We were given options: we could choose to terminate the pregnancy now as there was no chance of survival or we could continue the pregnancy and essentially just hope for the best.

We were heartbroken. Regardless of the news, I knew there wasn't a choice for me to make. I couldn't let go of my baby just yet, not even give them a chance. I needed more time, even if that time was only holding him through pregnancy. I needed more time to hold on and hope for a miracle that I knew would most likely never come.

At 36 weeks our beautiful baby was born still. We were blessed to spend 24 hours with him, to love on him and cherish every second near him. We were also very fortunate to have a member from the foundation 'Now I Lay Me Down' come to the hospital to capture beautiful photos of us all. Photos that I will forever hold next to my heart.

Leaving that hospital was, to this day, the hardest thing I have ever done. I still to this day feel feelings of disappointment and regret leaving my world behind....even though I know I had to. Going back to a 'normal' life after losing Enoch was far from easy. Photography was something I delved into while grieving. I strived to find the beauty in the world around me while I felt my world was someplace else.

Why I Find Photos so Valuable

I cannot even begin to express how much the photos from Now I Lay Me Down mean to our family. Those photos are the only photos we have of our son and our time with him. They are the only photos we will ever have, we cannot go back to that time in our lives.
Not all sessions will involve such intense emotions or milestones but there are always memories, times in our lives that are worth capturing. There is so much beauty to life that is worthy of preserving and holding onto for years to come.

My clients are my favorite people

It's true! A huge reason I love photography is my clients. I get so much joy from meeting new clients and making connections. Then growing those connections as we continue to work together! I feel honored and grateful to be trusted with capturing memories you will be able to cherish forever. No matter how big or small. I want to deliver you with a gallery that will bring you back to those moments that make life beautiful!

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Devon and Liz

Cecelia is an outstanding photographer with a special eye for capturing all the perfect moments. She will take the initiative to help you move your hair, tilt your face up and position you to get the most flattering shot. A very personable, patient and skilled photographer as well as a genuine person who makes you feel comfortable throughout. She will help illustrate the emotions into a beautiful picture you will value forever!

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